Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 6th-8th

Sunday, July 6th
Since we didn't get back from Korean BBQ and Karaoke until 4:45am, I woke up around 11 today.  The first thing on my mind was to do laundry.  Me and a couple others went down to the wash center and did our laundry (which took almost 2 hours to do). Afterwards, the KBBCrew went down to Alexanderplatz to go bowling.  We wanted to  go to the really fancy one that was in the mall, but they were closing early.  So, we went down a few blocks and ended up at another one.  It was just a basic bowling alley that got packed fast. There were a lot of British preteens there.  We bowled for an hour and then made our way back to the hotel.  

Monday, July 7th
It was very nice out in the morning, so I went around the Am Burgerpark and took more GPS tagged photos. Then we all ate lunch and I went to my class. Then, it started to rain.  After class, we had our weekly meeting about the field trip that we are going on tomorrow.  After that, Ashley, Davis, and I went to Max Pizza and grabbed a bite to eat.  I ended up going to Maulerpark which was the park that they created after the wall was torn down.  My objective was to find some of the wall, and i thought I didn't find any, but I really did!  I also touched a plant that gave me huge welts and it stung like crazy-- it eventually went away.  Then, we just all hung around at the hotel.  
Update: I did some research and found out that the plant that I touched is called stinging nettle.  Out of all of my outdoor adventures in Georgia, I have never come across this plant before.  I felt the burn for a good hour, and then I washed it with soap.  The sting went away, but I still had the welts.  Attached is a stock photo of the plant as well as the photo that I took after I accidentally touched the plant. 

Tuesday, July 8th
Field trip day!  We took a class fieldtrip up to Rostock and Warnemunde.  The bus ride up there was alright--it was raining and I had a seat by myself so I slept on the way up.  We arrived at Warnemunde where the Baltic Sea was.  I went on the beach and touched the water.  It was pretty cold.  Then Amanda and I walked the road towards the pier where there were all sorts of vendors out.  We went to the lighthouse and climbed the top for only 1 euro.  It was very pretty out.  Then we climbed down and met up with a few other students.  We started to walk back and Amanda and I grabbed a fish sandwich.  I wasn't sure what mine was but it was really good.  
After that, we all got back on the bus and went to Rostock.  We arrived there and it began to rain.  Everyone went inside the mall, and I looked around for just a little bit.  It cleared up and Liz and I decided to walk towards  the historic district.  We went inside the St. Mary's cathedral for only 1.50 euro and it was really cool (literally!).  We walked around outside some more and took photos of the buildings.  We walked back towards the bus and grabbed some ice cream and it was very good.  We all got back on the bus and headed back towards Pankow.  I got ready for the Germany vs. Brazil soccer game.  We stopped at Mario's for a quick bite and then headed towards the Brandenburg Gate.  Liz and I got up front and cheered with the Germans.  There were two Germans behind us who asked if we were speaking Spanish when we were clearing speaking English.  The game was fun and we left towards the train station.  We got to Alexanderplatz and looked for our train back to Pankow.  Unfortunately, we were late and the train was done for the night.  We met up with two other students who joined us on our search for a train.  So we hopped around a few stations trying to find one for Pankow, but they were all done! We finally asked for directions, and we waited for the Tram.  It took us about an hour, but we finally made to Pankow (for free).  I was pretty tired so I went straight to bed.  I heard others outside around 3:30, but then I fell asleep. 

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