Friday, July 4, 2014

Days 5 & 6

Wednesday, July 2
Not a whole lot happened on this day.  I woke up so I missed breakfast, and I went to class.  Dr. Bailey, her husband, and I walked around Am Burgerpark and collected some data. I took some geotagged photos and GPS points.  After class a couple of us decided to walk around Alexanderplatz.  We walked through the mall and I bought some postcards.  I ate lunch at another donner kabob place.  After we ate, we walked towards the Reichstag.  Then it was getting late so we jumped several trains until the correct one to Pankow.  There were a group of people playing drinking games but it was already 11:00pm so I just watched them.  A couple of them decided to go on a walk so we waited for them to make sure they were all right.  I finally went to bed around 2:30.

Thursday, July 3
This was a pretty relaxed day for me.  Normally I want to do everything and see everything, but I had this day to just relax and enjoy the air in Berlin.  In the morning when everyone went on their field trips, I added all of the data that I had on from yesterday and put it on a map.  I was excited when I found out how to add my own GPX data to arcmap.  Then I found a tool that takes geotagged photos and puts them as a point in Arcmap. Also, you can click on it and it'll show them the picture that I took.  Also, Cob showed me how to get the Lat/Long coords on point data.  I was very pleased with my outcome and it ended up being 1:00.  So I decided to just walk around the park some more and try to get some more data.  I was trying to find this multigeocache as well, but I couldn't find it, so I just gave up.  I got back to the hotel and decided to go down to Kaufland to buy some snacks.  I went up with Kat and Andy who were going to Prague this weekend.  I went into Kaufland and found some granola bars.  They had a very slim selection--they had a whole lot of chips and candy bars though.  I went back to the hotel and just sat outside reading my book.  Some people sat down and chatted and left, but then finally everyone got back to the hotel.  I really haven't eaten at all; all i had was a juice from a juice place in the mall.  We went all the way down to Alexanderplatz for some food since everything was closed in Pankow.  I had a double cheeseburger from McDonalds--i can say it tasted a lot better than in the states, and the cheese was so good!  We got back to the hotel and we just hung around with everyone and chatted.  A huge group of 12 were suppose to got o Prague but I think only 5 went.  We plan on going to a few museums and then going to the fanmeile to watch the Germany vs. France game tonight. Will post more later! :)

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