Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Grunewald forest

I woke up in time for breakfast and got ready for the day.  My group left at 10:30 for the Grunewald forest.  We finally go to Grunewald around 11ish where we stopped and ate lunch.  I had cheese spaetzle and a spezi (which is pretty much cola and fanta); it was really good.  We walked through the forest and got to teufelsberg which was an old WWII bunker.  We thought we were going to be able to go in and walk and see it, but it was all fenced up, and there were parts of the fence that were cut open where Gypsies had re-fenced it up.  We just saw the outside, and everything was graffitied.  We found a geocache nearby and walked towards the Grunewald Tower.  The tower was very pretty, but they wanted 4 euros for us to climb up it.  I saved my money to climb up the TV tower. Also, I bought ice cream which was sooooo good.  We found another nearby geocache and caught the bus to the train station and went back to Pankow.
I was so tired I almost fell asleep on the train.  We got back, and I tried to buy a postage stamp for the postcard that I bought from the Grunewald Tower.  The postage machine was weird, but I got my one stamp.  I got back to the hotel and cleaned up and went downstairs to the commons area.  Another group on a different field trip got back too. We chilled around and drank some beers, and then we to this Donner restaurant, and I got a donner kabob.  It was really interesting but good.  Then, we went to Mario's and watched the USA vs. Belgium game.  That was a sad game and then we went back to the hotel and chilled.  I left and went to bed around 1:30.  Overall, Berlin is cool. Still trying to see all of it.  I think this weekend, a group of us are just going to explore Berlin and downtown Berlin.  

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