Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First day of class

Monday morning I woke up on time to grab some breakfast.  After that, I walked by myself to Kaufland to buy some Shampoo, Conditioner,body soap, and a HUGE bottle of stillwasser (aka water without bubbles).  I walked all over the store and man was that huge! I left the mall and walked toward the T-Mobile store to see about a phone.  I ran into Davis who told me they were trying to charge him 80 euros for a phone.  We walked back to the hotel were I hung around for a little bit.  I sat outside with a few people and it was finally lunch time (we get free lunches on class days).  I ate lunch, hung around some more and went to class at 1:00.  Since I was the only one in my class, it was kind of nice just talking one on one.  Dr. Bailey said that we will have fun doing our data collection.  We also talked about the Grunewald Forest field trip and what we were going to do.  After class, we had a short meeting catching up with everyone.  After the meeting, a lot of people went down to Kaufland to buy for drinks/food; some of them wanted to pre-game before the 10:00pm Germany game.  We walked around the mall and found some soccer jerseys.  We went back to the hotel and chilled until around 6ish? and went on the train to Alexanderplatz where we ate dinner.  I had another currywurst which was even better than before.  We then followed some Germans to the S-bahn and just followed them to the fanmeile.  We passed the Reichstag which we will need to go on a tour soon! We some how ran into three others in our group.  We walked in the fanmeile which was already crowded and waited two hours for the game to start.  The game started and we were rooting for Germany along with all of the other Germans.  It was really neat to watch all the Germans cheering for their team.  During the extra time, we decided to leave early to beat the crowd.  We ended up going the wrong way and the crowd met us at the station.  We caught two different trains and finally made it to Pankow.  It was probably 2:15am at the is point and we were walking back to the hotel.  On the way back, we saw this young woman just sitting on the tram tracks crying.  And she was on something and she was walking our way but still in the street so I pulled her onto the sidewalk.  She kept walking and then got back in the street and sat on the tram tracks.  There was this guy watching her the whole time, so hopefully she got home safely.  We finally got back and chilled a bit, and went to bed around 3am.  Tuesday will be our Grunewald Forest field trip!

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