Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sunday in Berlin

Sunday was pretty much a free day for us.  I ate breakfast, and I heard that some of the students were going to leave around 11am to check out the city.  After breakfast, Davis and I decided to walk in the opposite direction that I walked last night.  There were a lot more stores and small cafes in this direction but then it turned into more of a residential area.  Our main objective was to see if Kaufland was open; however, we forgot it was Sunday and the whole mall was closed.  We went back to the hotel around 10:30, where I sat in the commons area to see if anyone else was going to go downtown.  I grabbed a map from the lobby, and a mineralwasser from the fridge.  Now, I have had sparkling water before and enjoyed it, but when you are so thirsty and want water, mineralwasser does not do it.  Around 11am, a bunch of student came down to explore the city.  Twelve of us walked down the the train station where we had to pay a 6.70 euro fee for an all day transportation pass since our awesome pass didn't start until Monday.  We really wanted to see what all was there downtown.  We stopped at Alexanderplatz where the TV Tower was.

Alexanderplatz- When you get off a train at the train station, there are food joints everywhere! We left the train station and found a mall and decided to take a look inside. Of course, everything was closed but the food court was still open.  I bought a small pizza from a pizza shop for 2.50 euro.  It was one of the best pizzas I've had.  The pizza had so much flavor.  Once everyone ate, we walked all over the place.  We had maps, but it was still confusing where we really were.  We finally came across the Berlinerdom where we were able to get a group-student discount and got to tour the dome for 2.50 euros a piece.  It was very pretty inside, and we were able to go to the very top of the dome.  After that, we saw an arts fair where all of these different artists had their stuff for sale.  We really wanted to find a place to get a drink so we asked a guy wearing a chef's hat where a good bar was.  Of course, he took us down this block were no one was and guided us to this Italian restaurant.  No one was really all that hungry, more thirsty, and we saw that the prices were really not in our range.  We wanted to leave, but we were trapped now.  So 5 people ordered a beer, and we finally left, and on the way out, some had accidentally knocked a knob off of a lamp, and the waiter was so mad at us (which he was already mad since we told them that we were just trying to find a place to get a drink).  We walked to the Brandonburger Gate as saw were the fanmeile was (the place where they set up huge projectors so 5000 people can watch the world cup).  We finally walked around some more, and we were trying to find the U-bahn train station.  We ended up at the huge IMAX theatre where they were setting up for the Transformers 3 movie premier.  Three of the guys wanted to stay becausee Mark Walhberg and Michael Bay were suppose to be there.  The others finally found the train station and got back to the hotel.  I sat in the Commons Area where there were students dubbing over the German reporters for the world cup-- it was pretty hilarious.  Then we all walked down to Mario's for the 10:00pm game.  I left after half time and fell asleep.  Class starts on Monday!

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