Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday, July 26th

Time is flying by so fast!  I took a few students down to the East Side Gallery since they haven't seen it yet.  I had a nice time walking by and looking at it again.  Afterwards, I took them to the Tiergarten so they could climb the victory tower.  I love how big the Tiergarten is; every time I walk through it, I see something new.  I also like how the city will not touch it-- like how they will build around their greenspace.  I will attach a photo of how big the Tiergarten looks from the top of the Victory Column.  After that, we went to Rosa-Luxemburg Platz to look at a few thrift shops.  I found a nice dress that I really liked. Afterwards, we all got dressed up and went out for the night.  Cannot believe Berlin is almost over with :(

Tiergarten from above! Look how huge this greenspace is.

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