Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last Friday in Berlin

July 25th-
Well on that note, Christmas is only 5 months away...haha. Anyways, several people went out on Friday morning to do laundry while I went up to Bernau to look around for 2 hours.  The streets here in Berlin and Brandenburg are not all made of asphalt.  A majority of the streets are made of cobblestone.  Yes, they do have some asphalt streets, but not a lot of the side and small roads are made with cobblestone.  Not to mention, the sidewalks are not made of concrete.  It is like these small rock tiles -- I will attach photos.  I love how Berlin and Brandenburg use permeable paving on their roads, sidewalks, and bike lanes.  Anywho, once I was done in Bernau, we went to the Neues museum and saw all of the Egyptian artifacts.  It was still raining a lot, and I was getting very tired so we stopped at a cafe, and I got a coffee.  We eventually got back to the hotel, and later that night was went clubbing.  We attempted to get in to the hardest and "best" club in Berlin but we got rejected.  So, we just went to the Matrix and danced until the sun came up.  It was a pretty eventful Friday. 

Check out this sidewalk: 

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