Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The halfway point

Not a whole lot happened on Monday.  After class, we went down to Wok to Walk and then I did my laundry.  Then a group of us went to a bar that evening.  It was pretty interesting, and I got back around 3am, but didn't go to sleep until 5am. 

 On Tuesday, I went to the Botanical Gardens with my class and took lots of photos of all of the different flowers. I thoroguhly enjoyed walking through the botanical gardens and looking all of the different type of plants from all over the world.  They even had a muesum that had a huge map of the world where a person and push a button and then a picture of the geography lights up as well as the point on the map.  I also came across this cool recycling can that I saw several times throughout the garden.. Picture will be attached.

Afterwards, I got back to the hotel and then Spencer, Davis, Nate and I went to a language meet-up.  There were all sorts of people there speaking several different languages.  I met this nice Turkish girl named Aysecan.  After the language meet up was dismissed, we went to a restaurant and ate dinner.  

Recycling bin at the botanical garden:

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