Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tiergarten/Hard Rock Cafe/ East Side Gallery

On Wednesday, I had class and then I went to the Tiergarten and checked it out.  I didn't have enough time to walk everything so I will need to go back again later.  I met up with a group at the Hard Rock Cafe and ate there for dinner. I got the local legendary which was this brat hamburger thing-- it was good.  We chat there for a while then we went back to the hotel.  I just hung around a bit and then went to bed.  I heard people getting back downstairs, but I decided to skip out.  

On Thursday, I tagged along on another class's field trip to the DDR museum.  Afterwards, we checked out the East Side Gallery-- that was very cool looking at all of the art on the wall.  I think there are some people going clubbing tonight so I might go with them! 

Will keep you all posted.


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