Monday, July 21, 2014

The Fourth weekend in Berlin it the third? I cannot remember-- all of my days are running together. 
Anyways on Friday, July 18th, a couple us at lunch in Alexanderplatz at a resturant called Palm Beach.  The waiter was kind of a jerk, but I ended up getting a Spezi and Schnitzel since I had yet to try a schnitzel.  It wasn't that expensive...12 euro but everywhere else I've seen good schnitzel, it cost around 15 euro.  Anywho, the group split up afterwards and Bronn, Cat, and myself went to the Tiergarten and walked around.  We went to the victory column which was beautiful.  I was able to get a few good photos.  After that, we found a geocache in the woods as we were walking to the Brandenburger Tor.  I got back to the hotel and hung around a bit.  I honestly cannot remember what I did, so I must have stayed out late with some others.

Saturday, July 19
I woke up somewhat early to get to Alexanderplatz to find a plain white t-shirt.  I also got a starbucks drink mostly to say that I got one from Berlin.  It was okay, but they messed up my drink.  I then wanted to go to Primark and look around, but I wasn't able to since I wasn't done with my drink.  I walked around in the mall and found a couple of gifts.  I then went back to Primark and found a white shirt for only 3 euro.  I got back to the hotel and got ready for the color party.  I met up with my new Turkish friend and we had fun at the huge gathering.  It was like a large outdoor party where people were drinking, talking, dancing, and just having fun.  It got really hot and we ran out of color powder, so I got back around 5ish.  I cleaned up and went to a Greek restaurant with Kat, Gene, Sengens, and Aaron. The food there was really good, and they people gave us a free shot of  We just went back to the hotel and hung around there. 

Sunday, July 20th
I woke up that morning kind of early to get ready to go to the Grunewaldsee.  It was suppose to get up to 92 degrees.  I was uploading some pictures when Kat and Sengens asked if I wanted to go to the Grunewaldsee with them a couple of hours earlier.  I said sure since I was ready to go.  We initially wanted to check out this pool thing, but it ended up just being imported sand in a fenced up outside bar thing.  It wasn't what we thought so we continued down to the Grunewaldsee.  When we got there, it was puppy heaven! There were dogs everywhere! I got in the water for a little bit since it got really hot.  After about an hour, we decided to stop at Potsdam since we were only 4 stops away.  We got to Potsdam and went to Schloss Sanssouci.  We walked around the outside, and Gene and Kat wanted to go inside, but it was a two hour wait and I didn't want to be out that late.  We got back to the hotel and a couple of us went to a Tex Mex restaurant for dinner. Cannot believe this will be that last full week in Berlin....

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