Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21st & 22nd

July 21st
I went to my last day of Environmental Communication since I will be participating in the debate for the regular communications class.  After class, we had our weekly meeting and found out that we will have to catch the bus at 6am next Wednesday.  Once we were done with the meeting, I was starving and so were some others so we went on down to White Trash Fast Food which was an American style restaurant.  I got a drink and a cheeseburger--it was pretty good and not badly priced.  I saw some of the huge recycling bins--picture will be attached.  After that, I went to Checkpoint Charlie by myself.  I walked all over the place and found the topography of terror and some other cool things.  I went to Potsdamer Platz as the sun was setting.  It was really pretty.

*These recycling bins are for you to recycle your brown, white, and green glass bottles! 

July 22nd, 
Field trip day!  We went to Schloss Charlottenburg which was beautiful!   We toured the inside and the outside gardens.  There were so many dishes and silverware inside.  I thought it was really nice that they had such a huge garden that they still take care of.  After the palace, a couple of us went to the ropes course.  I've done a few ropes course in the past so I knew what I was getting myself into.  I thought it was really interesting how the safety harnesses were set up-- if you have one "smartie" (aka carabiner) open, the other one will not open until you close the second one.  The park was pretty big and had all sorts of levels of difficulty.  I did got pretty tired towards the end of our 3 hours.  Once I got back to the hotel, I just relaxed.  I know I'm going to feel some rope course pain tomorrow. 

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