Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Long Time, No Blog...

Life has been crazy this past month.  During the last month of my internship with Forsyth County, we were allowed to work 40 hours a week, which was fine and dandy, but hard to squeeze in extra time for going to the gym, arts & crafts, and map making.

The last days at Forsyth County Schools-

Mackenzie and I finished up the schools that we were working on.  We were digitizing updated floor plans for the renovations that are going on in the next year.  We also tried our best to collect as many GPS points as we could for storm water, but the Georgia heat was getting to us.  We attempted using the locater to find Water, Gas, and Power lines, but had no luck with gas and water.  Overall, I am glad I worked these past 6 months at Forsyth.  I used my GIS knowledge for facilities and maintenance, which is something I never thought about, but I can now try and find a job for a water authority or another school system if I wanted to.

About to hit the road-

After looking at all sorts of moving procedures and alternatives, Brandon and I agreed to move via UBox, which is U-Haul's verison of the "POD".  The UBox was perfect for the amount of stuff we have; we were able to get a Queen size mattress and box springs, 2 bicycles, a table and two chairs, and a whole lot of boxes.  We packed our more valuable items in Brandon's car along with our day bags.  With this freedom, we are now able to make the ultimate roadtrip without
worrying about hauling a trailer or paying an outrageous amount in gasoline for a truck.  We did, however, pack Brandon's Subaru full and to the point you couldn't use the rear-view mirror...oh well.

The Route-

So after getting the stress of packing off our chests, Brandon and I sat down an examined what type of route we wanted to go on.  The first and obvious route would be direct, via I-40, but no no no.....we didn't want easy.  Since Brandon was given a week off from work, we made a 3 day roadtrip to a 5 day roadtrip and almost doubled the miles.  BUT NO REGRETS!  I will add more details about the trip in my next blog.

What lies ahead...

Unpacking, getting the apartment figured out, school, and making a list of absolute must-do's while living in Northern Arizona! 

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